On December 20, 2019, the last vehicle rolled off the assembly line at General Motors. It was the end of an era for an industry that defined Oshawa for 100 years.

gas in the tankAccording to a Toronto Star article, Oshawa has plenty of gas in its tank, despite the GM closure.

Oshawa’s identity has evolved and expanded throughout the years into an education, health sciences and tech hub.

The autonomous test track that GM is building complements the objectives of the colleges and universities in the area and continues the legacy of the auto industry in Oshawa.

At its peak, GM Canada employed more than 20,000 people in Oshawa, over the many years the number of GM employees shrank. The December 20, 2019 closure resulted in 2500 factory workers and 300 salaried staff becoming unemployed. Since every factory job is connected to nine other jobs in the area the closure affects the entire city.

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Take a look at Durham Workforce Authority’s website, Life After Auto, designed to provide the resources required to help workers impacted by the closure. Click to view the website.


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