Looking for work? The prospect of working as a truck driver is better than ever.

truck driving on highway

The trucking industry employs 318,000 drivers and has approximately 22,000 vacant positions.

The industry’s 6.6% vacancy rate in 2018 is more than double the national average and the highest job-vacancy rate among all Canadian industries.

According to trucknews.com, 45% of the Canadian labour force is younger than 40 years old. Canadian truck drivers are older. Only 28% of truck drivers are younger than 40.

Approximately 20,000 truck drivers are over 65. When they retire the industry’s current vacancy rate could almost double from 25,000 to 45,000.

While competition for workers among all industries is intensifying, truck driving remains a great option with numerous opportunities available.

A Top Fleet Employers survey indicates that a key to employee retention is not only competitive pay but also ensuring that drivers understand their compensation through a clearly communicated compensation package.

Trucknews.com research shows that younger workers value wages, benefits, work-life balance, as well as respect for the job and training.

Finding qualified people to drive trucks is a complex issue. The industry needs support from the government and positive messages related to the economic opportunities that the industry offers.

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