A Remote Reality is here and it is not likely to go away anytime soon.

Remote working and e-services are not new but the recent state of the world is making the digital transformation of every business a necessity.

While employers are working hard to develop digital strategies, many employees are doing their best to adapt to a new way of working.

Employers are considering how they can build a remote company culture while providing the same level of services to their clients.

A remote workforce can help businesses reduce operating costs, attract and retain talent, minimize environmental impact and effectively respond to changing circumstances like a disaster or pandemic.

And while COVID-19 has already shut down entire industries, other industries (e.g. video conferencing and cybersecurity) are booming. Many fast-growing remote work opportunities are available.

To fill a remote position, employers are looking for specific skills outside of the requirements of the position available.

These may include:

– Digital communication (written & verbal)

– Time-management

– Ability to focus

– Self-motivation and discipline

– Comfort with technology

– Willingness to adapt, learn and grow

– Familiarity with remote tools

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