The economy is re-opening and we are here to support you!

Whether you are an employer who is looking to hire or a job seeker who is seeking employment, we have programs and services designed to suit your needs.

We understand some of the challenges that you are facing in the post-pandemic economy. We will help you navigate through it by directing you to the resources and services that you need to hire the right people or gain employment.

If you have been laid-off and are considering a career that is better suited for the new work world, Second Career could be for you.

Employers, if you need to train employees to help them gain skills, the Canada Ontario Job Grant can help!

In this newsletter, we highlight some of the programs and services offered through the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre.

Explore hiring and employment options by connecting with us.


Read Employment E-News – September 2020 – Helping You as the Economy Re-Opens.

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