After attending the Job Search Workshop (JSW), a newcomer was hired as a Senior Application System Analyst with a national retail chain.

She states:

“JSW is not an optional workshop that can be skipped or, if attended, not taken seriously. It can not only help you with finding a job, but provide you with that confidence and understanding of the expectations of employers – without which no matter how much we try, we continue to make mistakes in the job application process and in interviews. I would also emphasize again the fact that having a JSW Facilitator who can give attention to your journey and how they can fill the gaps where you could do better is priceless. JSW also connects you to relevant recruiters, and other people in your role who share resources that can help you find job prospects and get better insights. Where else can you find one stop remarkable service like this?” B.S.

JSW is a program designed to help immigrants find employment in Canada. Click for information.

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