Confronting Racism In Durham Project

1st Feb Newsletter - Celebrating Black Excellence

DRUHC’s Confronting Racism in Durham project funded by Canadian Heritage seeks to raise awareness of the impact of overt, unconscious and systemic racial discrimination in employment and career advancement opportunities within Durham.

Throughout the duration of the Confronting Racism In Durham Project (until March 2023), we will partner with service providers, employers, and racialized communities in Durham to identify and develop strategies to address issues of racism in employment.


As part of the project, the Confronting Racism Newsletter was launched in February 2022 during Black History Month. The issue was dedicated to celebrating and recognizing Black Excellence and the Black Community in Durham Region, as well as to bring awareness to anti-Black racism in employment as it relates to Societal Standards of Professionalism.


Click to read the 1st Edition of the newsletter.


The Confronting Racism In Durham newsletter is intended to keep you updated on the progress and findings of the project, as well as to share authentic, transformational, and beneficial content.



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