10 Reasons to Meet

An Employment Counsellor

  1. By sharing your employment goal with an Employment Counsellor they are able to tailor a job search plan that meets your unique circumstances. What are your goals? What is your previous work experience? When have you been successful and unsuccessful in finding work? What do you think the barriers are? With this information an Employment Counselor can direct you to services and supports that you may not know are free to job seekers in Ontario.
  2. An Employment Counsellor can also make referrals to other community organizations that will assist with challenges that are affecting your job search and/or your ability to stay employed. For example, you may need to replace lost ID, or need help finding a more secure place to live, or information about local food banks because you are living on a small income while job searching.
  3. An Employment Counsellor will assist in creating an action plan with attainable and realistic timeframes. Your employment Counsellor may also become your accountability partner with scheduled “check-ins” to see how you are progressing and offer guidance to overcome barriers which may arise.
  4. A targeted resume and cover letter is often more effective than sending the same general resume to each employer. An Employment Counsellor can assist you in learning how to tailor your cover letters and resumes to attract an employers’ attention to your skills and expertise.
  5. An Employment Counsellor is a good sounding board for you to discuss job postings you may not be sure of or job postings with unfamiliar job titles.
  6. An Employment Counsellor will also assist you in finding the “Hidden Job Market” for the positions you are interested in as well as assist you in developing a strategy to market yourself to potential employers.
  7. An Employment Counsellor may help you identify and build on skills/strengths which you do not see in yourself as often-times, we do not see ourselves as others see us. They can help you explore your strengths and with this new knowledge you will present yourself stronger on your resume and in your interviews. This exploration and discovery will also assist you in building your LinkedIn profile.
  8. An Employment Counsellor will help you prepare for a job interview by assisting in developing your responses to the interview questions you may be asked during your interviews. They will help you create strong scenarios to tell in response to Behavioural/Situational Questions from employers as well as prepare you for the “tell me about yourself” question. Being prepared for an interview helps increase your interviewing confidence.
  9. An Employment Counsellor is aware of other community resources/supports, training programs, programs for youth, programs for newcomers, and older-workers. This may include workshops, social services as well as possible employment opportunities.
  10. An Employment Counsellor is a caring coach and supporter who guides, cheers you on and believes in you.


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