Success on Dragon’s Den!

CONGRATULATIONS to Gilles Tchianga, HIP-T Employer

Congratulations to Gilles Tchianga, Founder and CEO of Taltis Foods. Gilles visited the Dragon’s Den asking for a $60K investment to help advance his business. He left with $600K thanks to Investor Wes Hall who believed in his vision and his company. 

Gilles participated in a HIP-T event in March 2021 to talk about Entrepreneurship. He was recommended to HIP-T by the Business Advisory Centre of Durham (BACD). Click to view the inspiring video.


A Word from WES HALL “I want to give a little colour behind why I got emotional on the below episode of Dragon’s Den. I know what Gilles Tchianga is going through and has gone through as a Black or immigrant entrepreneur. Not only have I experienced it, I still do in some circles. Only people who have travelled that journey get it. Canada is a great place and creates so many opportunities for so many. People come here because of its diversity and welcoming spirit. But at the same time, we can be dream killers. I got this far because I was lucky enough to come across people who believed in me and bet on me.” Click for more from Wes Hall.


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