Butchie’s – 30 Positions Available

Butchie’s – 30 Positions Available In Durham Region (Whitby) Food network star, Chef Andrea, has a fantastic restaurant location in Whitby. Named after her father, “Butchie’s” started from a love […]

Societal Standards of Professionalism 

Societal Standards of Professionalism In Today’s Workplace Societal standards of professionalism in today’s workplace exposes Black people and other racialized minorities to Implicit Bias, and Professional Microaggressions. In the article ‘Racism runs deep […]

Newcomer Wellness Symposium

Newcomer Wellness Symposium Moving Forward Together Moving Forward Together is the theme of the Newcomer Wellness Symposium scheduled for Saturday March 5. If you are new to Canada and Durham […]

Confronting Racism In Durham – 1st Newsletter!

Confronting Racism In Durham Project 1st Feb Newsletter – Celebrating Black Excellence DRUHC’s Confronting Racism in Durham project funded by Canadian Heritage seeks to raise awareness of the impact of […]

Level the Paying Field

Level the Paying Field How to Close the Gender Wage Gap Why does the gender wage gap persist? How do we close it? Listen to a new podcast series by […]

Post-Pandemic Scenario Planning Report 2021

Post-Pandemic Scenario Planning Report 2021 via Durham Workforce Authority Since March 2020, Durham Region has been experiencing high rates of unemployment due to emergency public health measures and lockdown restrictions […]

Pioneer Plumbing – Feature Employer

Durham Pioneer Plumbing and Heating Feature Employer Durham Pioneer Plumbing and Heating Ltd. (Pioneer Plumbing) has been a staple in the Durham and GTA community at large, known for their […]

Plumbing, Heating and HVAC Trades

Plumbing, Heating and HVAC Trades Useful Links Click on links below for useful information related to plumbing, heating, and HVAC trades. EO Apprenticeship Learn how to qualify and apply to […]

Ontario’s Rapid Training Programs

Ontario’s Rapid Training Programs Up to 250 New Programs Ontario is helping more people gain the skills they need for in-demand jobs by supporting the development of up to 250 […]