What might a post-coronavirus-world look like? A rapidly changing work world will require people with certain skill sets.

According to a Forbes.ca article, the following are job skills that will likely be in high demand in a post-covid world.

Workers must be Adaptable and Flexible to respond to an ever-changing workplace. This will require updating and refreshing skills as well as being open to change.

Building on your Technology Skills will make you more resilient, adaptable and sought after in the labour market.

Creativity & Innovation will be essential in initiating new ways of working and creating new products and services.

People with Data Literacy skills will help companies predict trends, needs, and disruptions in order to better serve customers.

Individuals with Digital and Coding Skillsare essential in ensuring that technology is always running effectively.

Strong Leadership skills will help inspire and encourage individuals and teams, as well as support collaboration.

Going forward, Emotional Intelligence skills (the ability to be aware of emotions and communicate effectively to overcome challenges), will be sought after.

Committing to continuous improvement and a Lifetime of Learning in a relevant field will help you retain and acquire work.

If you are at home, you might want to search for on-line learning resources that will help you develop and sharpen your skills.

Click to read the Forbes article, 8 Job Skills to Succeed in a Post-Coronavirus World.


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