Although the shift to working from home has been mostly positive for knowledge workers, the biggest challenge has been focus. 

Dropbox partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit to study knowledge workers, both management and general staff, across sectors from tech to manufacturing to retail and education.

Following are some of the results of the study’s data:

Lost focus impacts 1/3 of work time

Meetings, including video meetings, are not the biggest disruptors

Managers are more reluctant to return to the office than their teams

Loneliness distracts remote workers more than families and pets

Lost focus is least felt at the top of the hierarchy and more so at the bottom

Constant news related to COVID-19 has distracted 40-50% of all workers

Specific focus-related initiatives could help boost employee productivity e.g. automating tasks, meeting-free days, official “focus time” and classes that encourage mindfulness and discourage multitasking.

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