Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre: ISO 9001:2015

The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre is proud to be ISO registered since 2004.


The recognition is the product of agency wide attention to effective organizational capacity resulting in customer service excellence; a steadfast commitment from the Board of Directors down to all levels of staff. ISO drives all of DRUHC’s policies and practices.


In-depth audits are conducted on an annual basis by an external professional auditor registered under the exacting ISO standard. ISO (International Standards Organization) is an internationally recognized Quality Management System standard designed by a technical committee formed by representatives from several nations and issued by the ISO located in Geneva, Switzerland.


The implementation of standard policies and procedures promotes consistent customer satisfaction, increased productivity and higher levels of efficiency. “When products and services meet our expectations, we tend to take this for granted and be unaware of the role of standards. However, when standards are absent, we soon notice.” – www.ISO.org


The use of an internationally recognized standard of services also supports the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre to improve the customer experience and foster confidence among clients. When clients of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre describe their level of satisfaction with the services offered, they consistently comment on the distinctive service culture within the organization, as well as the high standard of professional services that distinguishes DRUHC.


For the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre, standards are a means for ensuring consistency in customer service excellence and professionalism. Through the ISO auditing process and a desire to continually build upon services at DRUHC, standards are reviewed to remain relevant in the face of changing circumstances.


Clients of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre speak about the high quality customer service experience at DRUHC and the positive impact it had on their job search and future careers. Click here to view.