Newcomer Wellness Symposium

Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together is the theme of the Newcomer Wellness Symposium scheduled for Saturday March 5. If you are new to Canada and Durham Region we invite you join us in-person or online to hear our keynote speaker Perdita Felicien and take part in fun activities for everyone. 

The theme of the event captures how the Welcome Centres want to support and empower the newcomer community in Durham.


Moving is an action word. We are moving out of many COVID-related restrictions and the harsh winter weather that has kept us apart. We are moving Forward, which is another positive word. We need to acknowledge what has been difficult and then move forward with our hopes and plans for the future. Together is a very important word.


We want to meet together with you in-person; however, if you are unable to join in person you can also join in the activities online.


Join us on March 5 for Moving Forward Together!


Click to view the Newcomer Wellness Symposium Flyer.